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Feb2nd 2021

2 Simple Strength Exercises to Stop Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can really slow down most of your daily life. Things like reaching or lifting overhead, doing pushups, washing your back, putting on a coat, and even sleeping can be seriously limited. 2 muscle groups in your shoulder often get weak and are a big cause of shoulder pain. Your rotator cuff and your

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Jan28th 2021

The 2 Best Stretches to Stop Pain at the Computer

Sitting at the computer all day can really be a pain. Even if you have a great ergonomic desk and chair set up, staying in one position for a long time makes some muscles tight and others start to turn off. This can cause your neck, back, shoulders, and even legs to hurt. If your

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be active Jan20th 2021

Do You Work From a Desk? That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Still Be Active!

At our physical therapy clinic, we see hard-working patients who want to excel in their careers and provide for their families—but it’s hard to do that when dealing with an injury. Unfortunately, many people eventually realize that it’s the sedentary nature of their job that’s directly impacting their health and job performance. Everyone needs to

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