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2 Easy Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain (Part 3)

Nov17th 2020

Shoulder pain can make life incredibly frustrating. It can make you want to stop doing every day tasks like washing your back, reaching overhead, or doing pushups. Last week ‘s post discussed pain due to shoulder instability. Today we’re going to address the third category: tendon strains and tears. As we mentioned last week, the

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2 More Exercises to Relieve Hamstring Pain.

Nov12th 2020

Hamstring pain can make sitting, running, walking, or lifting painful and difficult. Last week we discussed 3 likely causes of hamstring pain. We also discussed a couple exercises to address the first of those causes, hamstring strains. This week we’re going to discuss the second likely origin of hamstring pain: lumbar radiculopathy. Lumbar radiculopathy occurs

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2 More Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Nov10th 2020

Shoulder pain can make simple tasks like pulling the covers over in bed, putting on a shirt, or doing pushups incredibly painful. Last week, we discussed the 3 common categories of shoulder pain that we often see: Shoulder impingement Shoulder instability Tendon strain/tear We limited last week’s discussion to the first category. Today we’re going

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