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Nov10th 2020

Why do you get leg pain when you sit or drive?

At Solutions Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, we often see patients who have buttock or thigh pain when they sit in a chair, drive in car, and sometimes when they bend to pick things up.  This pain can be incredibly frustrating.  But exactly why are you hurting? If you have these symptoms, you could have

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Hamstring strains are painful. Here are 2 exercises to help.

Nov5th 2020

Pain in the back of your thigh can stop you from running, walking, or lifting and making sitting really painful. There are usually 3 possible causes when we see this here at Solutions Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine: Hamstring strain or tendinitis Lumbar radiculopathy or herniated disc Sciatic nerve irritation Today we’re going to talk

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Shoulder hurting? These 2 exercises can stop it.

Nov3rd 2020

Shoulder pain can really slow down most of your daily life. Things like reaching or lifting overhead, doing pushups, washing your back, putting on a coat, and even sleeping can be seriously limited. There are 3 main types of shoulder injuries: Shoulder impingement Shoulder instability Tendon strain/tear Today we’re going to talk about impingement. Shoulder

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