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The 2 Best Exercises for Strong Bones and Fighting Osteoporosis

Dec22nd 2020

How strong are your bones? Bone density measures how strong your bones are and is correlated with osteoporosis. Bone density decreases for men and women as we age, but women are effected more due to hormone changes after menopause. More bone density is better because your risk of bone fractures increases as your bone density

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back pain Dec8th 2020

3 Basic Core Exercises for a Strong Back

Back pain can make the simplest things like cleaning your house, doing laundry, and exercising difficult and painful. If your back hurts when you try to be more active, you may not have enough strength or endurance in your trunk muscles (also called your core). Here are 3 basic exercises you can do to start

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2 Easy Exercises to Stop Knee Pain

Dec1st 2020

Knee pain can severely limit your ability to live the life you want. Walking, running, climbing stairs, or working around the house can become frustrating and painful. Hip muscle weakness can actually be a cause of your knee pain. When your hip muscles aren’t strong enough, more stress gets placed on the knee joints and

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