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Hamstring strains are painful. Here are 2 exercises to help.

Nov5th 2020

Pain in the back of your thigh can stop you from running, walking, or lifting and making sitting really painful. There are usually 3 possible causes when we see this here at Solutions Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine: Hamstring strain or tendinitis Lumbar radiculopathy or herniated disc Sciatic nerve irritation Today we’re going to talk

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Shoulder hurting? These 2 exercises can stop it.

Nov3rd 2020

Shoulder pain can really slow down most of your daily life. Things like reaching or lifting overhead, doing pushups, washing your back, putting on a coat, and even sleeping can be seriously limited. There are 3 main types of shoulder injuries: Shoulder impingement Shoulder instability Tendon strain/tear Today we’re going to talk about impingement. Shoulder

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2 Exercises to Relieve Back Pain (Part 3)

Oct29th 2020

Back pain can make the most simple tasks frustratingly difficult. The last 2 weeks, we discussed how to relieve the first 2 of the 3 common categories of low back pain that we often see here at Solutions Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine: Pain that gets worse while sitting Pain that happens when getting up

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