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Diet Feb20th 2021

Feeling Achy? Your Diet Could Help!

Did You Know There Are Pain-Relieving Foods That Could Help You Find Natural Relief? Some people eat to live, others live to eat – and still others are feeding their chronic aches and pains without even realizing it. If your pain issues have gotten steadily worse, maybe you need to look at your nutritional choices.

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mobile-slider-hiking-solutions-physical-therapy Feb16th 2021

Improve Balance And Strength With Just 2 Exercises

Balance and strength can quickly decline as you age and the repercussions can be serious. Back, knee, and hip pain all have connections to decreased balance and strength. Falls are also one of the leading causes of serious injury as you age. Fractured hips from falling lead to loss of mobility and strength, slowing down

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Stretching Feb10th 2021

Did You Know You Could Benefit From Stretching Both Before and After Your Workout?

Working out on a regular basis is a great way to improve and maintain good health. If you’re not stretching before and after your workout, however, you’re not really taking advantage of a complete workout routine. Stretching exercises are a staple of physical therapy for many reasons. In fact, there are several specific benefits of

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