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2 Easy Exercises to Stop Your Hip Pain

Nov24th 2020

Hip pain can severely limit your ability to live the life you want. Walking, running, climbing stairs, or working around the house can become frustrating and painful. Hip muscle weakness is a common cause of hip pain. Your gluteal muscles work to provide power as well as control at your hip. Here are 2 easy

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PT-Can-Help-Reduce-Stress-Related-Headaches Nov20th 2020

Stress-Related Headaches Getting You Down? Physical Therapy Can Help – copy

Millions of people suffer from different types of headaches. A few include sinus headaches, hormone headaches, and migraines. Different types of stress can also play a role in causing headaches. In fact, stress-related headaches are considered one of the most common headaches that people have. It’s important to understand how a stress headache differs from

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2 Easy Exercises to Relieve Hamstring Pain (Part 3)

Nov19th 2020

Hamstring pain can make every day tasks like sitting, running, walking, or lifting painful and difficult. Last week we discussed hamstring pain that is coming from the low back. We also discussed a couple exercises to resolve it. This week we’re going to discuss the third origin of hamstring pain: sciatic nerve irritation. The sciatic

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