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Direct Access

Virginia law allows individuals to receive physical therapy without a physician’s referral. Patients are required to name the physician they wish to see if their condition does not improve on a Patient Attestation Form. Virginia law allows 14 business days of physical therapy treatment before you are required to see your primary care physician or orthopedic doctor.

Most, but not all, insurance plans reimburse for physical therapy services without a referral. If they do not, you can still receive physical therapy at our self pay rate.  Currently, Medicare, most HMO’s, auto insurance, and workers compensation claims do not pay for physical therapy services unless a physician referral has been obtained in advance.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office, and our administrative staff will be eager to help.


If you suspect you have an injury that requires physical therapy, we will provide you immediate, non-pharmaceutical treatment that allows you to reduce pain, stay active, return to full function sooner and save money.By seeing a physical therapist directly, you prevent your treatment from being delayed as you work through the healthcare system. The benefits of starting physical therapy earlier can result in a quicker reduction of pain and return to activity. Recent research has shown that early physical therapy (especially in the first 30 days after an injury) results in earlier return to function and significant cost savings over delayed physical therapy or none at all.

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