Running Analysis Alexandria, VA

Running Analysis


  1. If you are currently running and have pain, we want to work with you to solve the problem.
  2. If you are currently running pain-free or looking to begin a running program, we want to help you prevent injury and maximize performance.
  3. If you are running pain-free but often find that you are injury-prone during heavy training blocks, we want to examine your biomechanics to find the root of the cause.


  • Physical Therapy Evaluation by a physical therapist with expertise in running injuries and rehabilitation. Your physical therapist will perform a physical therapy evaluation geared towards runners. This will include assessments of strength, flexibility, movement patterns, and biomechanical alignment. Treatment is individually designed by your physical therapist, based on the results.
  • Running gait video analysis. We will do a frame by frame assessment of your running gait and form. You and your physical therapist will be able to observe and analyze each step for altered running mechanics or compensation patterns.
  • Shoe wear analysis and recommendation. Your footwear can tell a story about how you run. Different shoe types are more appropriate for different runners. We can help you determine what type of shoe is right for you.
  • Hands-on Treatment. When necessary, your physical therapist will perform hands-on manual therapy to help improve flexibility, motor control patterns, and joint range of motion.

Individual exercise program. We will create a custom home exercise program based on your needs that is designed to improve strength, flexibility, and technique to get you running pain-free!

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