Request Telehealth Appointment

How does a telehealth visit work?

  • Our therapist will meet with you using your smartphone or computer to discuss your symptoms and assess your progress during each telehealth visit.
  • We’ll evaluate you by asking you to perform specific movements and we’ll assess how your body responds. We can then instruct you in exercises to perform and provide feedback on how to do them correctly.
  • You will receive access to our online portal to view your home exercise program and track your progress. We will also discuss strategies to minimize your symptoms during your recovery.
  • You can contact your therapist securely through our HIPAA compliant home exercise program portal.

How long will each visit be?

  • Each visit will be approximately 30 minutes in length.

What devices do I need to use?

  • You will need a smartphone or a computer with a camera and a web browser. Our sessions will be performed using a secure HIPAA compliant program.

Is this covered by my insurance?  

  • Most insurances now cover telehealth for physical therapy. We’ll verify your insurance coverage to determine if telehealth for physical therapy is covered by your plan.