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Phil E.

Sep4th 2020

Outstanding. I’ve had back issues stemming from a fall for 3 years- no longer able to swing a golf club or walk, run long distances. Have tried phys therapy 3x, 4 rounds of back injections & use of heat to deaden nerves to little effect. Christina is my therapist and has used needling & electric stim on my problem spots along with stretching exercises and I’m feeling so much better. With the difficult demands of my work schedule, I’ve also met with other therapists at Solutions and they’ve been terrific as well, but Christina is the one I work with and she’s great- most importantly- they all listen to what my concerns and desires are and work for them. For the first time, I have hope to getting back to ice skating, golfing and tennis. I’m able to consistently go to the gym to work out. This has been a terrific experience so far. I’m optimistic I’ll be able to get back to the activities I love.

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