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Susanna D.

Sep4th 2020

Solutions is by far the best PT place I’ve been to in the DC area! I would say it’s even worth traveling from farther away for them. No other PT place I’ve been to has ever so quickly identified and immediately started repairing an injury of mine. They are very professional and nice people to work with, including the front desk staff who are organized and don’t give you grief even if you’re a few minutes late.

I have IT Band Syndrome, and on my first visit I worked with Heidi and was amazed at how she pinpointed what needed to be done and how I walked out with less pain than I walked in with. She knew how to target and immediately address the issue I was having.

I have mainly worked with Heidi but also worked with Matt and Shira each on one separate occasion when Heidi was out for the week. Matt was very helpful too and he did something else working with the muscle fascia and taping my knee which helped dramatically also. Everyone there is very knowledgeable. I am just basically really thrilled not to be sidelined by my injury any longer… for the first time in the past two years! They have me running again on a consistent schedule. The previous PT place I went to tried to get me running too but didn’t have it set up the way they do and I had pain immediately. I really can’t give enough accolades to Solutions PT!!! They definitely know what they’re doing.

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