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Category: Herniated Disc

Do you have buttock or thigh pain when you sit or drive? This could be the cause.

Sep24th 2020

At Solutions Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, we often see patients who have buttock or thigh pain with sitting in a chair, driving a car, and sometimes bending to pick things up.  This pain can be incredibly frustrating.  But exactly why are you hurting? If you have these symptoms, you could have sciatica: What is

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Sep20th 2020

Struggling with Herniated Disc Pain? How to Tell When It’s Time to See a Physical Therapist

Did You Know You Could Relieve Your Herniated Disc Pains with Physical Therapy? Did you know that a herniated disc can occur anywhere in your spine? At our physical therapy clinic, we see disc herniations frequently among our patients with back, arm, and/or leg pain. Strange neck pains, back pains, or extremity symptoms can indicate

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Back-Pain-Could-be-Herniated-Disc solutions pt Jul10th 2020

Get to the Root of Your Back Pain. Could it be a Herniated Disc?

Back pain is one of the most common complaints among Americans today. Whether you experience the occasional ache in your back, or you deal with reoccurring chronic back pain, it can make completing everyday tasks extremely difficult. But have you ever stopped to wonder whether your back pain was a sign of a more serious

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